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Gigwi Jumball Basketball With Rubber Handle Multi Colour Small & Large

Shoot some hoops, pooch!

Every time you shop, you help rescue dogs.

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The Jumball is perfect for really rough play as the durable rubber exterior resists even the most determined dog! The strong handle makes the Jumball easy for a dog to pick up and bring back, making it a firm favourite for indoor and outdoor games. The vibrant design makes this toy highly visible and easy to track in large open spaces.


19.5 x 24 x 19.5 cm

The Jumball can be pumped up with a standard ball pump

muthapuppa APPROVED

GiGwi has a very simple mission: to help people and their pets spend hours of fun together.

Their commitment to pet needs requires a holistic approach to making toys. It begins by using research to understand what sort of materials combined together work best, it continues by bringing together people to develop new ideas, and it comes back round by measuring the outcomes of their products.

They're an exceptional team of professionals from all over the world with various backgrounds, beliefs, and perspectives, but they all share one common dream: to develop their products for the better and make you and your pet satisfied.

Their production process is to the highest world standards and they always strive to provide the best quality products.

The GiGwi team dream is to create products that transcend geography, customs and cultures.

More than just a pet shop.

Every time you shop, you help rescue dogs.