Millions of dogs out there need rescuing.

We're going to rescue them all.

The UK is currently in the middle of a dog welfare crisis. Dogs are being abandoned and handed into rescue and rehoming centres in alarming numbers. This is being fuelled by the rise in puppy farms and backyard breeding, new dog owners being unable to cope with behavioural issues, the shift back to office working and the current economic crisis.

As a result, our UK dog rescue and rehoming centres are overrun; 1 in 4 centres now have to turn dogs away because they're full, and many centres have permanently closed down, placing more pressure on those that remain.

With the problem set to only get worse, something has to be done.

That's where muthapuppa comes in.

Here's our mission.

We're Giuseppe & Kim, a husband and wife who have put everything on the line to start muthapuppa and help rescue dogs.

We're going to build our own dog rescue and rehoming centre, to provide help on the ground, take pressure off existing centres and make sure every dog in need, is rescued.

Until we're in a position to build our own centre, we're also supporting these 3 amazing charities through the Work For Good fundraising platform:

Blue Cross

All Dogs Matter

Battersea Dogs Home

muthapuppa is entirely self-funded by us, we're not wealthy and have no investors, so we're 100% reliant on your support.

Here's how you can help...

Shop for your dog at

Instead of just relying on donations, we want to self-fund our dog rescue work as much as possible. So we've created, an online shop where you can get everything for a dog, delivered right to the door.

Every time you shop, you help rescue dogs.


Donate via JustGiving

You can also help by donating via our JustGiving page.


Partner with us

We'd love to hear from people who want to partner up and support our dog rescue work.

Contact us

Adopt or foster a dog

Please visit our partner charity websites and consider adopting or fostering a dog:

All Dogs Matter

Blue Cross

Battersea Dogs

Thank you

From Kim and Giuseppe, the founders of muthapuppa.

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