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Chuckit Fetch Flight Rubber Frisbee Dog Toy

For dogs that love playing fetch.

Every time you shop, you help rescue dogs.

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Play fetch with the Chuckit! Fetch Flight!

This flexible flyer dog toy features a unique EZ Grip design that makes it easier to pick up for dogs and pet parents, while the rubber pyramid structure provides a softer grip on the dog’s mouth. A durable inner sail flexes with each flight, allowing for better loft during play. 

Easy to clean and long-lasting, the bright colours provide increased visibility to help prevent the Fetch Flight from getting lost

  • Flexible and long lasting
  • Durable inner sail for increased loft
  • Rubber pyramid structure provides a soft grip



27.9 x 25.4 x 6.4 cm

muthapuppa APPROVED

Chuckit! products are made by Petmate, and their story is incredible!...

Over 60 years ago, Petmate began with a single focus on providing safe pet transportation. Today, they manufacture a range of products and also support rescue via

For Petmate, it’s more than just creating and selling products – it’s about doing everything they can to help pet parents, shelters, or anyone who cares about their loyal companions.

As a responsible manufacturer, they are not just mindful of the products they’re creating, but also how they are made and their environmental impact. Their eco-friendly manufacturing techniques and Edison Green Award-Winning Spectrum facility help reduce their carbon footprint to ensure pets and their families have a beautiful world to play in.

- Petmate resin is made with over 95% post industrial recycled content

- They keep over 60 million lbs of waste out of landfills each year

- Over 90% of all manufacturing scrap is recycled

More than just a pet shop.

Every time you shop, you help rescue dogs.