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Suck UK Laptop For Cats Scratcher Toy With Fluffy Mouse

Every time you shop, you help rescue dogs.

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- Designed in the UK

- Made from cardboard

- With a built in scratch pad to keep their claws trimmed, well maintained, strong and healthy

- Includes fluffy toy mouse that cats will love

- Change the screen wallpaper by simply printing your own and sliding it in

- Sprinkle some Catnip on the scratch pad to really get them going (Catnip sold separately)

- Watch them work away hilariously, film it and go viral on social media.

Tag @muthapuppa and we’ll share


Add some catnip.


Width 330mm
Height 20mm
Depth 225mm

muthapuppa APPROVED

This laptop for cats was designed in North London by Luckies of London and SUCK UK.

They're committed to sustainability and are constantly improving their eco credentials.

And they're also committed to keeping those pesky cats occupied, so we can run the world.

More than just a pet shop.

Every time you shop, you help rescue dogs.